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Panno Medical Inc.

Panno Medical Inc is a dynamic diverse company providing a variety of services and products in the entertainment, medical, sports and therapy related fields.

Panno has been providing qualified medical personnel, first responders and athletic therapists to a broad range of film and television productions, sports organizations, school boards, and community events, for more then twenty years. All our services, including our medics, are insured.

We Offer Fast & Reliable Emergency Medical Services

Panno Medical Inc. (PMI) can provide the entertainment industry or your event with a qualified Emergency Care Provider to ensure your event or production is safe and runs smoothly. All our staff are qualified in injury assessment, emergency life support, recognition and management of acute injuries, first aid treatment, and where appropriate, utilization of techniques to ensure a safe return to play or work on production.

On site medical coverage for film and television Includes: Skilled Covid Control Officers, Screeners, Emergency Care Providers, Medics/Therapists as needed for film/dance productions, Paramedics for stunts/stunt rehearsal, with full medic kit and AED upon request. We also provide on-site massage therapists for cast/crew by special arrangement.

On site medical coverage for sports/tournaments and community events include Emergency Care Provider who can provide assessment, injury care, fully equipped sports medicine kit, pre-event taping, first aid, CPR and has been trained in concussion protocols, and Ontario standards including Rowan’s Law.

Panno Medical offers a wide range of fully insured services for the sports and entertainment industries.

Panno Medical Provides

Support for the Film & Television Industry

Panno Medical Provides

Tournament /Sporting Event Services

Panno provides highly skilled medics, first responders and athletic services to community-based events, sporting events for schools and athletic tournaments.

We can staff your event with highly skilled staff as required, providing athletic therapists trained in Concussion Protocols and Rowan’s Law for school-based events, such as football, hockey, soccer, rugby, and full coverage for high level tournaments, including Athletic Therapists/Medics and Paramedics and First Responders. We conduct in house training with an Athletic Therapist who has been working with Jim Panno for several decades to ensure that all our staff understand and follow the latest research. We provide our own clinics for taping and concussion care, to ensure that Panno medics/therapists are fully prepared for your event.

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