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Panno Medical Provides

Infection Control/Covid Control Officers

Covid Control Officers, our highly skilled medics are trained in infection prevention and control for Covid-19, understand Safe Sets, are trained in Screening, can assess locations for safety and work with producers/directors to ensure safety during production. Our medics will support production in developing Covid Control Protocols and monitor to ensure compliance.

Panno offers:

  • Consultation with Panno Head Medic for group training online, or in person (as circumstances permit) to review film safety and COVID-19 Control protocols.
  • Online Covid-19 and Infection control video-based training, that can be used pre-production for onboarding cast and crew. The course link is made available to all cast/crew members and covers COVID-19 Safety protocols, as well as proper handling and disposal of PPE. The course provides a certificate as proof of completion.
  • Daily Screening App. Panno can provide a daily self-screening app to be used as part of daily Check In, to ensure that cast/crew members have conducted self-screening prior to arrival on set.

Panno Medical Provides


Panno provides Medics/Therapists skilled in emergency management for all departments. Each medic carries a complete kit including non-contact thermometer for screening and we can provide additional tools such as AEDs and a mobile screening app if requested by production. Panno services include:

Lead Medics. Lead medics provide productions with the oversight for multiple locations/medics.

  •  Leads the team of Set Medics, assists in scheduling and liaising between them and the production team,
  • Gives input from a COVID health & safety perspective on tech scouts pre-production, assists in identifying potential hazards.

Panno medics serve on all production sites and can include:

  • Production Office Medics provide Covid-19 Screening and or swabbing if required, to ensure safety of all personnel, provide first aid support as needed,
  • Construction Medics. Construction medics serve as screeners, monitor site safety, and provide immediate first aid should accidents/incidents occur,
  • Set Medics/Shoot Medics serve as screeners, follow shoot crew to various locations, monitor safety and provide information/attention to any medical, health issues that arise on set with cast or crew,
  • Waterfront Medics – depending on the waterfront location, may also be lifeguards – for shoot days, provide waterfront safety, monitor for hazards, and support cast/crew as needed,
  • Covid Zone Monitors ensure compliance to COVID-related health & safety protocols including safe distancing, correct PPE usage, etc.

This is an overview of our services for film and television. Whatever your needs are, Panno can provide the right personnel, so please do not hesitate to contact us to describe your needs and we will be happy to create a plan specific to your production.

Panno Medical

Has Provided On Site Medical Services For The Following Productions

8 Bit Christmas
12 After Midnight/GDT Presents
Against The Ropes
America Presents
Bachelor Canada
Battle Of The Blades
Beacon 23
Blues Clues 4
Braxo 14
Camp Rocks
Common Good
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Crash and Burn
Dark Matter
Dark Water
Dawn Of the Dead
Dodge & Miles
Dr. Cabbie
Dream House

Four Brothers
Frankie Drake
Good Witches
Green Harvest
Grey Gardens
Handmaid’s Tale
Harold and Kumar
History Of Violence
How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Ice Princess
In The Dark
Kim’s Convenience
King of Napa
Land Of The Dead
Let It Snow
Locke & Key
Love Guru
Maps To The Stars
Mean Girls
Molly’s Game
Mrs. America
Murdock Mysteries

Nightmare Alley
Orphan Black
Repo Men
Resident Evil
Riot Girls
Robo Cop
Rookie Blue
Saving Hope
Saw II, III, IV, V
Schitt’s Creek
Scott Pilgram
Shoot Em Up
Skin Walkers
Shape of Water
Suicide Squad
The Beaverton
The Expanse
Total Recall
The Strain
The Shape of Water
Women Talking
Working Moms

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